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is offering the only official Trainer and Instructor Education course.

All VB-CGJJ Network Europe trainers and instructors must complete (or test for) the following program at the International HQ in Zurich. The “Gracie Fundamentals” program consist of 23 continuing lessons and is the foundation of our Gracie / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu path.

Note: Student members that have correctly complete the “Gracie Fundamentals” and interested in becoming a certified ICP member, is welcome to test for the Coach level (or higher, based on the current Belt color) and to commit to become an official Gracie Instructor in his/her area.

Please check the Google calendar for Dates and training time >
(There you will find also the ICP application form below)

Special note: We highly recommend ICP members and affiliated/associated* to visit one or more ICP seminars even if they have completed the ICP training. It is a must for all professional and serious Gracie Instructors to update and review the program contend to insure our high Quality standards. Gracie Instructors who do not follow our guidelines and standards will be not invited to higher rank examination. A Black belt is not a teacher! To be a VB-CGJJNE instructor you must continue your education and commitment with us.

Difference between “Affiliated” and “Associated” Gracie Instructors: An affiliated Gracie Instructor is a Black belt member that has completed the ICP program with us. It can be in part as a member-student in one of our Partner schools and/or at the IHQ in Zurich. In some cases, this instructors may also come from another BJJ (and or Luta-Livre) school, but have decide to continue their G/BJJ journey with us. The affiliate Gracie Instructors can rank their students up to Brown belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, if all members students have a valid CGJJNE annual license and following the complete GC curriculum.

An associate Gracie Instructor is an “Ambassador” of the Vacirca Brothers – CGJJ Network Europe. He/she represent us in excellent standing and knows the program in the most highest Quality. The associate Gracie Instructors can rank their students up to Black belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, if all members students have a valid CGJJNE annual license and represent the complete GC curriculum. The associate Gracie Instructor is part of the IHQ technical board and may also give ICP seminars in his/her area, once approved by the IHQ.

If you have any questions please contact the IHQ at info@graciejiujitsu.eu

*Please note, that only certified Black belt – Gracie Instructors under the Vacirca Brothers are legitimize to use the name VB-CGJJ Network Europe and Logo.*

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