The Vacirca Brothers, Franco (right) & Demetrio (left)


Welcome to the Vacirca Brothers – Carley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Website.

You are welcome to join anytime one of our study groups or partner-schools. Our partner schools represent and take care of the name of our network, whenever offering Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu.

Our Network teachers, regularly train together and share important information at the international headquarters. Our partner schools invite our Chief-instructor (Mestre) Franco Vacirca, time permitting, for small group training (workshops) and public open seminars around the globe.

Our partner schools are instructed to use the same Gracie Jiu-Jitsu program provided by the Vacirca Brothers. Those teachers interested to join our international GJJ team, are advised to participate regularly in our special Instructor Certification Program (ICP) – here for more details.

To our Student and Teacher members, we provide a full FREE Online course… in this way, we ensure the Quality Standards as established by our great Grandmaster Carley Gracie and Grandmaster Pedro Hemetério (RIP). If you have a membership for this year, contact our Membership Department.

In addition to the web site, CGJJNE members receive email newsletters, a discount on the annual conference, FREE belt promotion at our partner schools, and much more.

Please send your Membership request to membership@graciejiujitsu.eu

Spanidis Brothers (Greece) and Prof. Franco Vacirca

Our Team

Carley GracieGreat Grandmaster, President of the Technical Commission, Red belt, 9. Degree
Franco VacircaPresident, Founder, Black belt, 6. Degree, franco.vacirca@graciejiujitsu.eu
Demetrio MeillaudDirector, Co-founder, Black belt, 5. Degree, demetrio.meillaud@graciejiujitsu.eu
TreasurerFinance Office, info@graciejiujitsu.eu
CoordinatorExecutive Office, info@graciejiujitsu.eu
MembershipHead Office, membership@graciejiujitsu.eu
Black belt CommissionDomenic Schnoz (Switzerland, Member, 4. Degree); Andre Stock (Germany, Member, 4. Degree)
Under Belt CommissionTBA
Female CommissionTBA
Merchandise PartnersOKAMI Fight Gear, Germany, Mario Brunk; *The ONLY Official VB CGJJNE Distributer*
Partner Schools, Academies…see List of Affiliate Partner Academies
Online Course AccessHead Office, online@graciejiujitsu.eu
*The Official VB GJJNE University*
*Free Online-Access with your CGJJNE Membership*
Honorary MembersNikos Bachzetsis (Black belt), Martin Hardmeier (Black belt), Ivan Storto (Black belt), Jan Köthe (Black belt), Daniel Bachofen (Black belt), Thomas Mehnert (Black belt), Peter Angerer (Black belt).
Board MembersTBA
Thomas Mehnert (Main instructor at GJJ Team Berlin), Jan Köthe (Magdeburg), Professor Franco, and Andre Stock (Head instructor of Dino Team BJJ Magdeburg)

CGJJNE Membership Plans

Individual (Switzerland, Germany)

CHF 70,00 (EUR 60,00) /Calendar year

Partner School (Switzerland, Germany)

  • Team, less than 9 members
  • Academy, 10 and more members
  • Associate, 35 and more members
  1. Payments must be done end of November for the next new Calendar year.
  2. New entries after September, will pay in November for the first time.
  3. Membership must renew every year, otherwise “testing” and certification will be not applicable.
  4. Membership grants to all members, regardless of Level/Sex FREE Online Course Access.

> For other countries please check here.