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Thank you for your interest in our Gracie Instructor and Affiliation programs. Please allow us to briefly outline the most important points. Of course, you can always contact us by email so that we can personally answer any questions or concerns you may have. Email to

1. Member/student licenses 2022:
The annual Network Student License costs in Switzerland/Liechtenstein CHF 70.00, and in Germany, Austria, etc. EUR 60.00 per calendar year and person; always payable by the end of November. For others as follow:

  • Russia, Croatia is EUR 40.00
  • USA, Canada is USD 50.00
  • Greece, Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland is EUR 50.00
  • South America (Brazil), North Africa (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria) is EUR 40.00
    per calendar year and person. (Slightly adjusted to salaries/wages in these countries.)

2. School/instructor licenses:
Don’t exist in our program! The students pay their fee. There is also no charge for instructor belts.

3. Homogenization (recognition) of your current Instructor and/or Belt degree:
The current degree (Belt color) will be adopted and recognized by us initially, according to the information we receive and information we can verify.

In the first year, the instructor will begin to integrate our 54-class program into his/her own program, based on our guidelines/instructional program. Furthermore, he/she can offer his existing BJJ program. However, it is important for the future evaluation of the members that all students also master the 54-class program.

In the course of time, then also, on site at the instructor – or visiting us, the work with his students will be followed and checked. For this purpose, it is also important that the instructor visits us or invites us. Several schools from the same region/country can also join and invite us to a seminar.

4. The recognition of the current Belt colors of your students:
Will be done after the instructor has been recognized. The above student license covers the cost of graduation and certification. The new BJJ belt is not included and must be purchased by the instructor. He can do this in any martial arts shop. The certificates will be issued by us and sent to the instructor by postal mail. Read more about the GJJ levels here.

5. JJGF and/or IBJJF recognition and membership:
Since 1996, we (the Team Vacirca Brothers Jiu-Jitsu) have been a founding member of the CBJJ/IBJJF under GM Carlos Gracie Jr. Since 2014, we have been a TEAM-member of GM Rickson Gracie’s JJGF.

Our members can join these two organizations at their own request. Of course, the cost must be paid by the member. Our belt certifications are recognized by both organizations.
Our GM Carley Gracie is not a member of either the IBJJF or JJGF. His belt rank (9th degree red belt) is from the JJFRJ.

6. Seminar costs, Master Franco Vacirca:
– 1 day, 3-hour training CHF/EUR 1000, excluding flight/travel and possible accommodation costs.
– 2 days, 6-hours CHF/EUR 1800.
– 25% of this is to be paid as a deposit, non-refundable, to us with the definitive booking confirmation.

– Plane ticket (abroad), rail ticket (domestic) as well as hotel accommodation (if necessary) will be organized by us, must be paid by the organizer in advance by credit card or bank transfer to us. This at least one month in advance. In case of cancellation this payment cannot be refunded.
– The meals during the stay should also be paid by the organizer. Thank you very much.

> If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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